AMSOIL Vaughn Enterprises at 52nd Annual Iola Car Show & Swap Meet

Greg Vaughn

52nd Annual Iola Car Show & Swap Meet

The Iola Car Show is one of America’s largest auto events.  We've been a regular there since the start!

July 11-13, 2024

Car enthusiasts attending the annual Iola Car Show in Wisconsin are treated to 300 acres of showcase space filled with more than 2,200 show cars and one of the region's biggest swap meets. The Car Corral features an additional 1,000 cars for sale – everything from show cars to fixer-uppers.

With 2,500 show cars, 4,000 swap spaces, 1,600 campsites, 350 for sale car corral spaces and some of the best food anywhere, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The event offers free parking, free admission for children 12 and under, and affordable fun for the whole family. Be sure to check out the special guests, concerts, pin-up contest, unveilings, and other ceremonies throughout the event!


There has long been debate on what defines a "Muscle Car." The term was originally applied in the mid-1960s to intermediate size two-door, rear wheel drive American passenger cars with a factory high performance, often big block, V8 engine, from model years 1964-1972.

For the Iola '24 Special Exhibit display, we will stay with the original definition and include factory high performance "Pony Cars," such as Mustang and Camaro, which fit the definition soon after their introduction.

Examples of models we would like to have displayed are: Pontiac GTO, Chevelle Super Sport/SS, Z28 Camaro, Plymouth Roadrunner, GTX, and AAR 'Cuda, Boss 302 and 429 Mustang, AMC Javelin/AMX 390/401, all Mopar Hemi and Wedge 426 and 340/440 Six Pack  cars, Dodge Charger, Super Bee, and Challenger, Ford Fairlane GT and Thunderbolt,  to name just a few. 

Theme Display:  Each year the Iola Car Show is proud to recognize a theme. Although some cars will be asked to park inside the Special Exhibit building, that is usually arranged in advance by the show car director and the WSAH (Wisconsin Society Auto Historians). Theme area also has special parking south of the Iola Car Show Convention Center on the pavement. Pre-registration is required and there is no fee. They will enter Gate #4.


Pre-War Display

Open to all vehicles produced up to 1942 with few to no modifications. Vehicles will gather on the west side of the theme area. There is no fee. Enter Gate #4.

Post-War Display

Open to all presentable vehicles produced from 1945-1995. Fee is $15 for duration of event. Parking is west of the tower through Gate #3.

Blue Ribbon Concours

Showcases 1990 and older vehicles that are high quality restorations or fine original examples. Factory paint colors, stripes and decals, interior colors/materials, drivetrain, wheels, and model options are highlighted. This exhibit displays vehicles as if they were originally manufactured and provides correct examples for historical and restoration purposes. The show car director may issue an invitation, but we also accept applications for this area to be reviewed by the committee. Approved vehicles will be added to the Blue-Ribbon Concours invitation list for each year, and they cannot modify vehicle. There is no fee. Parking areas may change from year to year. Spots cannot be reserved or saved except by the show car director. Enter Gate #4.

Fin-Land Display

This area is within the Blue Ribbon Concours across from the Vintage Mobile Station and is developed for exhibiting high quality fin cars 1957 - 1961. This area is limited, must be reviewed, and approved. Enter through Gate #4.

Modified Display

Welcoming vehicles 1995 and older that are considered hot rods, street rods, customized, low riders, rat rods, kit cars, tributes and replicas. Fee is $15 for duration of event. Parking is on the east side of the Iola Car Show Offices. Enter through Gate #5.

Old Cars/Young Drivers

We celebrate our hobbyists under the age of 25 who own and/or have built a classic vehicle. Cars are encouraged to be at least 25 years old but exceptions may be made if approved. These vehicles do not have to be show-quality, but should be visually presentable and in running/driving condition. Stock and modified vehicles of all manufacturers are welcome! Pre-registration is required, and there is no fee.** We do need your Date-of-birth and you would be able to pre-register until they age out. Please enter by Gate 3.

Survivor Display

1976 or earlier production vehicles that are presented as they came from the factory, wearing original paint, interior options, upholstery, chrome, wheels/hubcaps, and original power/drive train with no mechanical modifications. A survivor has been driven and may show signs of wear but is in particularly good, presentable condition and has obviously survived due to great care taken by owner(s), maintenance, and proper storage. It is a time capsule that has been maintained, but retains 80% or more of what it left from the factory with (not including regular maintenance items, such as belts, hoses, tires, exhaust, etc.) Survivor cars must be pre-approved, and there is no fee. **Photographs are required and when approved are allowed in the Survivor Display if they do not make changes. Enter Gate #4, park west of the entrance.

Original Owners

This is a category dedicated to celebrating vehicles that have been owned by the same person, or within the same family, since being purchased new in 1976 and earlier. To qualify and pre-register, we would need you to verify with a copy of your Vehicle Title. Once we confirm it to meet the “Original Owner” category, we will include a window cling badge that you’re welcome to retain with the vehicle at your discretion. Original Owners will park together unless you already qualify for a different class and prefer to park there. A $15 fee is required, and you must pre-register. Enter Gate #4. 

Late Model Vehicle

This category celebrates 1996 and newer unique and prestigious late model productions. For this display, vehicles must be pre-approved and there is a $15 registration fee. They will enter Gate #3.

Women With Wheels

This display will highlight and celebrate women in the car hobby. Our goal is to empower others to pursue and participate in the hobby as well as demonstrate that gender is not a determining factor in classic vehicle interest, ownership, or knowledge. Participants will need to pre-register for this section and there is a $15 registration fee. They will enter Gate #5.


  • 134,000+ Attendees
  • National Sponsors
  • 4,000 Swap Spaces
  • 400 Car Corral Spaces
  • 2,500 Show Cars
  • 1,600 Camp Sites

Join us! We'll be there July 11 thru 13 in exhibit spaces AE 13-18 inside Gate 2

Visit us at:
P.O. Box 1, Iola, WI 54945


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